Tahini Toast with Pickled Fennel

This recipe sounds simple and something you might think of overlooking; however, when you combine really good crispy cracker, topped with savory sweet fennel pickles and generously spread of an earthy tahini infused with lemon,olive oil, and honey, top it off with a creamy avocado & pepper, the dish is a revelation. Like crostini, this cracker holds up well, which got me thinking it would make a great breakfast or anytime snack!

Apple and Banana Bake with Nutty Granola

This beautiful fruit bake is great for breakfast and dessert. Β I’ve made it a few times now and I'm absolutely in love with it. The crunchy topping tastes amazing with the sweet, baked apples and bananas. The whole thing just really melts in your mouth. It’s really a perfect fall treat, especially with a dollop [...]

Harissa Skillet Hash with Herb Chermoula

This is one of those dishes you always wish there was more of once you finished it. You know, when you're so enjoying something, you're savoring every bite, and in a foodies state of bliss, but your not paying attention to the amount of that delightful treat you have left.......then it happens. You finished the last bite! and you didn't have a chance to prepare yourself mentally.......that would be your last bite. 😦