what? Blogger, Recipe Developer, Inspiring Baker, Beginner Food photographer & Stylist.

where? Montreal, Canada & Tripoli, Libya

why? My blog is inspired by Muslim living, intended for the home cook & baker wannabe like me! I create recipes based Arab-influenced cuisine and what is currently in season. I have been cooking since I was a little girl & in early 2001 (to be exact) now I have decided it was time to start a food blog. Here I document my life events through food & photography. Some of the recipes you see here are ones I have perfected throughout the years & some are new recipes inspired by everything around me.

when? Love & Za’atar was born in early January of 2016, I was bored a few years before so, I gave birth the idea of blogging. (True story…..I was really bored and I came across and income report with Pinch of Yum I have been obsessed since.)

equipment: Until further notice, all blog post are shot with an iPhone 4. One day I’m hoping for a canon + 5o mm fix lens.


“Food is important, in much more ways than just for our physical survival. Food is memories, heritage, happiness, family and food is love. Food gathers people around a table and makes us talk. Many of our best memories are connected with food. We solve problems over food. We celebrate. We become friends.  Food is, after all, more than just a recipe.”


There are so many food-related blogs/websites that I read but the ones that inspire me the most include:

My top inspiration for photography – cause, I really love minimalist photography for food:

My top inspiration for food, reading, and photography:

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