Sweet Potato, Green Olive & Orange Blossom Tagine

As I rummaged for lively through my cupboards in search of something quick but soul-satisfying, my idea for this recipe changed numerous times. At first, it was coconut Quinoa with sweet potatoes and sauteed chard, then roasted root vegetables, with baked millet and topped with herbs, then I finally settled on this recipe. Usually “what to cook” becomes clear to me once I’ve stood staring at the fridge and cupboards for a minute or two or actually 15 is more like it–although if you were to see me in a market you would never think it would take me so long to figure what I want to make, my husband teases me how I look like I’m a state of panic when food shopping. But in reality it the result of a flood of ideas, that is usually too many to organize in my head. Fresh, colorful vegetables  like to speak to me in a way that triggers cravings and desires; they catch my attention and ultimately, they themselves decide what will end up becoming dinner.

This tagine, despite the winding road it took to get to them, they are tasty and delicious. I love the way the soft floral flavor of the orange blossom water  highlights the sweet of the potatoes and grounding texture of the chickpeas to balance the dish.

Sweet Potato, Green Olive & Orange Blossom Tagine

Serves 2

2 tbsp ghee or olive oil

1 onion chopped

1 tsp each cumin seeds, crushed coriander,

2-3 sweet potatoes cut into bite size pieces

1/2 tsp paprika

1/2 cup green cracked olives

1 cup cooked chickpeas

juice and zest of 1 lemon

2-3 tbsp orange blossom water

1 cup vegetable stock

salt & pepper to taste

Fresh herbs such as parsley, cilantro or micro greens to garnish.


Heat ghee in a large skillet, add onions and saute until golden. Add the cumin and coriander continue sauteing until fragrant.

Add the sweet potatoes, chickpeas, paparika and stock to the pan and cover. Let cook on a light simmer 15-20 minutes. The Potatoes should be tender but still firm. If the potatoes look dry add a little more stock or water. There should only be about 1 inch of sauce in the pan once finished.

Once potatoes are at the desired doneness add the olives, lemon, and orange water blossom water continue to simmer for 10 minutes.

Adjust seasoning, add to serving dish top with garnishes and serve with bread or a grain dish; couscous, millet, sorghum, quinoa, or rice.

If you liked this dish let me know in the comments below or tag me @loveandzaatar on Instagram.


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