Thursday Things



1. I finally arrived by from a long vacation…..2 months and 1kg later

2. Pizza and the Sea is the name of the game for me this summer.

3. Um, hi there. I need to be in this POOL OF SPRINKLES like right now!

4. The secrets of people who stick to habit changes

5. Currently reading Good Gut Bugs by Kathryn Marsden. Probiotic? miracle or snake oil? …..I say miracle!!!

6. OMG I want this now! Watermelon Water  followed with this Cheese plate . This could be dinner, right? I say yes!

7. When is Grey Anatomy coming back? Impatience and Addicted over here.

8. Could someone tell me whats up with this whole Pokemon Go thing? I just don’t get it. (AKA) I’m too lazy to figure it out..Pokemon was big when I was growing up, I didn’t get it then and still don’t get it now….yep, extra arrogant.







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