Love & Za’atar- what is a name

Or shall I say – what’s THIS name?

‘Love & Za’atar’ sums pretty much everything I could ever think to write about at this point…including my comfort-obsession with Arab food.  Za’atar is Arab word for Thyme, Summer Savory, Oregano, & Marjoram. Pretty much it means everything savory! or it’s referring to the Za’atar spice blend we all know and love. Yes, it’s confusing.

Have you ever had Za’atar tea? If not it’s must try! Just boil a cup of water, then add one tsp of Ceylon tea and a couple springs of thyme and lots of sugar (it’s the Arab way)…umm this smell reminds me of my mother-in-law kitchen first thing the morning. The intoxicating aroma pulls you into the kitchen just to be greeted with eggs simmer in a savory tomato sauce, bread, cheese, olives and jar of homemade harissa.

I’ve gotten way off point! Be aware, it will happen often, just ask my wonderful husband, who has to listen to all my rambling. He is really good at PRETENDING to listen to my antics..or maybe he good at looking like he PRETENDING not to listen…Hmmm..I should look into that..

My ramblings will include, but of course not be limited to my love of COOKING and trying to BAKE, fitness and nutrition, and family fun. Most of time I cook healthy. Sometimes I love to use tons of butter and sugar. Is that a crime these days? But yes, I still love fitness and nutrition. Do I have to practice what I preach?

I try, I swear!

Most of the time, Sometimes. Ahh….life is too short to not have baklava.



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